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Gleeview: Funeral
Spoiler Alert!

For the first time since Blame It On the Alcohol, I think, I was able to watch an episode of Glee without worrying about what my favorite characters were going to do to screw up their lives.  The storyline I'm most invested in, the Rachel/Finn/Quinn triangle moved toward resolution in exactly the way I expected (and wanted, for now).  So, there were no surprises, and I was simply able to enjoy the intensity and the music.

First, a word about Will Schuester:  I don't hate the guy.  He's almost always well-intentioned.  He's usually even-tempered and caring, except where Rachel Berry is concerned.  He usually puts the needs of the club above himself, except when he's too wrapped up in his own drama with Terri and/or Emma.  He's usually unselfish, except when he gets a real opportunity to be a star (Acafellas, anyone?).  I believe he would have told the members of New Directions that he was staying in New York if he  didn't intend to come back to McKinley at all, but he should have told them anyway because now it just looks like he's acknowledging to himself at least that he might actually stay in New York.  Also, the hiring of Jesse as a consultant is another example of his well-intentioned actions gone wrong...the fact that he should have seen it coming is another example of his blind spot where Rachel Berry is concerned.  He seems pathologically incapable of taking the importance of Rachel and her state of mind to the club into consideration...more about Rachel later.

When I read a summary of this episode that said that someone at McKinley would be losing someone important, I immediately thought of Burt Hummel then realized he's too important to the drama surrounding Kurt to kill him off.  So, I thought of Jean, and I'm sorry that I was right about that.  I like Burt.  So, I wasn't hoping he'd die.  I was simply sorry to see Jean Sylvester killed off.  I liked it when she appeared.  She was a good balance to Sue.  She made us see that Sue actually is a sane human being even if she is extremely disturbed.

While it was surprising, I was very glad to see the Quinn/Finn relationship finally fizzle...and it did fizzle.  Finn finally decided to put it out of its misery, and Quinn seemed inevitably more upset over the further deterioration of her life path (and that Rachel was a key factor) than she did over losing Finn.  I believe she would have been the one to end the relationship (and she would have been even more devastated) if they were seniors because right now she still sees at least a faint chance to be prom queen with someone else as her king.  Right now, though, she doesn't seem to know who that potential king/husband is.  There was no indication at all who she might turn to next.  The only indication that she isn't completely lost right now is that she has a "plan" for New York.  I'm kind of intrigued by that.  I'm hopeful it'll result in something interesting, if not epic.

So, that leaves Finn single, and Rachel is available for him to try to win back.  And, if Jesse weren't back in the picture, that would probably be easy.  While she doesn't feel as "tethered" to Finn, in my opinion, as he feels to her, she does want him.  And, she "wants everything too much."  I don't think Jesse's a real threat to Finn.  I think Rachel is at least smart enough to see that of the two of them, Finn is the smaller (ironically enough) obstacle to her.  It might seem that Jesse's mutual aspirations of stardom would be compatible with Rachel's, but I think Jesse's just too selfish for Rachel.  If she ever became more successful than he was, he would either latch on to her and milk her fame for his own or he would leave her in the dust if he saw an opportunity that didn't include her.  Finn, on the other hand, wouldn't do anything to overtly hold Rachel back, but just his presence holds her back because Jesse was right.  He's dumb and relatively untalented (despite what Rachel sees in her starry-eyed vision).  So, I hope that if she's going to rekindle her relationship with Finn that she will at least remember the lessons she has learned in recent months that there are more important things than Finn Hudson.

Favorite Line:

(I actually thought he was better in the episode)I agree that Rachel should sing lead, but, Finn, I think it's best if you sit this one out.  Fact is, most of the other guys in here are better singers and Mike Chang, who can't even sing, can at least dance.  You kind of sing and dance like a zombie who has to poop.

Musical Rundown:
"Back to Black" by Amy Winehouse--Naya Rivera (Santana) is a good singer, and Rachel's line about the raspiness of her voice was actually pretty accurate.  It makes her voice sound at least a little bit like Amy Winehouse herself.  So, that makes a song like this very suited to her.

"Some People" from Gypsy--Chris Colfer (Kurt) is the third best singer, in my opinion, on the show.  This is the kind of song he usually sings, and even though I like his softer voice as in "As If We Never Said Goodbye" a few episodes ago, he's pretty good at singing these big Broadway numbers.

"Try a Little Tenderness" by Otis Redding--This is maybe Amber Riley's (Mercedes) best-sung solo.  It's a little slower and softer than her usual go to songs, and she nailed it.  If it weren't for Lea Michele (Rachel), she would be the best singer.  It's possible that it's the character that makes me think that--Mercedes is less driven than Rachel--but I don't think so.  But, she is really, really good.

"My Man" from Funny Girl--Lea Michele again showed what makes her a special talent.  I feel kind of like when American Idol judges (appropriately enough given Jesse's reality show-style judging) find a front runner's performance to be not quite up to his or her standards but still far and away better than any of the other contestants'.  While the number was completely predictable and it was totally expected that she would knock it out of the park, she didn't disappoint when she could have.

"Pure Imagination" from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory--This song is one I've known and had a special feeling for since I was a child.  So, I always like it when I hear it.  It would have been better, I think, if either Kurt or Rachel had sung it as a solo, but I do think it fit the story better for it to be a group number.  And, I always think it's a good move for the producers to put the story before the music.

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For the first time since Blame It On the Alcohol, I think, I was able to watch an episode of Glee without worrying about what my favorite characters were going to do to screw up their lives. LOL! This.

First, I really enjoyed this episode. There was never a dull moment for me the first time I watched it; the second time though, I was busy playing Plants vs. Zombies again and it only got back my attention when Santana was on stage singing. I think it’s the first time I really liked a Ryan Murphy episode. It’s probably because of its simplicity. (Although I think RM can only write something that’s linear LOL I also stand by what I said before, they go to Ian for the more difficult storylines, if things needed to be set-up or worse woven back together. I’m also starting to think Brad Falchuk always wants to write the big dramatic/climatic episodes and I don’t think I like the idea.

Second, I really don’t care about Will. He’s infuriating sometimes, but most of the time, IDGAF. Hehe

Third, I didn’t bother to guess who died. I was just really hoping RIB aren’t crazy enough to kill Burt. But like you, I was really saddened by Jean’s passing.

Fourth, surprisingly, I wasn’t annoyed by Finn in this episode contrary to what I expected from reading Tumblr lol. I got irritated a bit when he overreacted and called Jesse a jerk (and it’s not because I’m in love with Jesse since the previous episode) in the opening scene but I actually felt something almost like pity for him when he was crying in his truck before Quinn got in. He has proved to be a complete ass before but he wasn’t one in this and I totally understand where he’s coming from.

Fifth, OMG, Dianna Agron! Why are you so precious??? Obviously, I thought Dianna shone again in that scene (not as brightly as her scenes with Lea, but brilliant nonetheless). Apparently, I had my Faberry goggles on when I was watching that break-up scene because all I could think of was, “A teardrop! Haha just a teardrop!” after Finn asked her if she doesn’t feel anything anymore. Since Vitamin D, she really has shown more of herself with Rachel than with any other character there. Also, obviously her “big plan” is to steal Rachel from Finn and make Rachel fall in love with her instead. It’s the ultimate revenge! *cue evil laughter* (I seriously hope someone fics it.) THE BITCH IS BACK. And that makes me happy.

Sixth, I agree with everything you said about Finn vs. Jesse for Rachel even if I’ve said I’m in love with Jesse. He’s the perfect douche—charming, witty, conceited. I’m very happy that they brought Jesse back if only to serve as a catalyst for Finchel to get back together because now, he’s a delight to watch.

Favorite Lines:

“I’m Rachel Berry and I’ll be singing the most difficult song I’ve ever sung.”

“So nice. I smoke cigars.”

ALL of Jesse’s insults directed at Finn :D

Musical numbers:

“Back to Black” was an attention grabber. I found myself suddenly very close to the TV screen lol.

I wasn’t paying attention to Chris’ performance. "As If We Never Said Goodbye" is really my favorite so far.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE "Try a Little Tenderness". I’m sure that’s very predictable and someone on Tumblr said something like, Amber took us to church again and it’s so right. This ties with “ “ as my favorite performance by Amber.

I really thought Amber’s song would be my favorite and I was skeptical about Lea’s performance of “My Man” because it’s probably one of the few Barbra Streisand songs that I don’t like. But once again, Lea Michele made my jaw drop. I watched her whole performance with my mouth open.

Of course, we both like Pure Imagination because we're that old. It's from our childhood. (And not from Johnny Depp's film, but the OLDER Willy Wonka! Geez!) *eyeroll* haha

All I can do is smile at your reply. I think we were on the same page.

Okay...so I just read the part of your comment above Musical Numbers. My e-mail made it look like that's where it started. Anyway...we talked mostly about the other things, but why didn't you tell me there was a bit of html stuck in there? LOL

Also I fixed one missing word...ah me!

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