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Gleeview: Blame It on the Alcohol

Spoiler Alert!

I just have to put this out there now, Lea Michele is brilliant!  With all due respect to the other actors in Glee, in my opinion, she almost singlehandedly carried last night's episode.  With the exception of a couple of scenes, in which Will was the central character (and is it me, or was Will much more likable drunk than sober?) and the very funny "party line" scene with Santittany (aka Brittana) and Artcedes, Rachel took center stage and blew everyone out of the water.

When Rachel started singing her song, I was hoping it would be terrible because I'm hoping eventually they'll have a really killer "Rachel Berry" song to sing, hopefully for Regionals.  So, I was glad, and then all I kept thinking was, that is how you do prolonged awkwardness.  As opposed to Tina's completely puzzling and weird breakdown in the Valentine's Day episode (again, not to take anything away from former Broadway actress Jenna Ushkowitz), this was brilliantly done.  The way she kept singing so passionately even though it seemed like deep down she knew it sucked was hilarious!

Then, the party.  Rachel was adorably clueless about how to host a teenage drinking party, starting with her dress.  After she got drunk, the way she hung on Finn was sadly funny.  Spin the Bottle was appropriately awkward.  Really, I'm pretty sure the whole party was meant to make the viewers feel a little drunk, and it definitely felt a little bit like that.  It was almost surreal seeing Rachel Berry in her element, only drunk.  From the ordinary basement transformed for Oscar Parties to the duet with Blaine, the whole scene defied description really.

Finally, the ending was the greatest ever!  With Rachel pining after Blaine and Blaine sufficiently confused, they went on a date.  In true Rachel Berry fashion, Rachel decided that to prove that Blaine was actually interested in her romantically, she would kiss him while they were sober.  Predictably (and much to my relief, because Blaine/Rachel, for real?  Just no.), the kiss made Blaine realize that he really is gay.  But, it was Rachel's reaction that had me laughing and cheering for Rachel.  It was just right.  It made my favorite line list.

All in all, this episode was different in a lot of ways from any other Glee episode.  The surreal tone of the party and the way that the drinking scenes looked a lot like the cameraman was drunk (not a criticism at all) were not typical of Glee, but I was reminded a lot of the "Wheels" episode with the way a serious subject was handled in a light-hearted way.  Overall, a solid episode.

Favorite Lines:
There were so many funny Rachel Berry lines, but I'll pick out just a few.

Rachel (at the beginning of the party):  Let's go over the rules.

Rachel:  Brittany!  Remember the rules!  No sitting on anything!

Rachel:  Spin the bottle!  Who wants to play Spin the Bottle!  Spin the Bottle!

Kurt:  That was hard, wasn't it?
Rachel:  Are you kidding?  That was amazing!  I am speechless!  I just had a relationship with a guy who turned out to be gay!  That is song writing gold!  Okay, I have to go compose, but thank you!  Thank you!

Musical Rundown:

"My Headband"--This is just a brilliant piece of comedic writing and acting.  It needs to be watched to be appreciated.

"Don't You Want Me" by The Human League--Lea and Darren Criss (Blaine) made this a better song than it actually is.  Rachel's adorkable dance moves and their well-blended voices made this fun.

"Blame It" by Jame Foxx (feat. T-Pain)--Another example of the "drunk" quality of this episode.  The musical performance was really good, but the drunk acting and the costumes made for a great musical number.

"One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer" by George Thorogood--I have to say it was kind of fun hearing Will sing outside his usual repertoire.  He rarely does, and this was fun if not the best song.  And Dot-Marie Jones (Bieste) was fun too.

"Tik Tok" by Ke$sha--Brittany got to sing her Ke$ha song.  And, it was really good until the vomiting started, but then it was funny.  And, the show circle that led to the vomiting was priceless.