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Gleeview: A Very Glee Christmas

Spoiler Alert!

Well, that was just cute!  Last night's episode was pretty much a standard Christmas episode of any one-hour TV show, with music.  But, that was okay.  Isn't that what Christmas TV is all about?  Santa Claus, the Grinch, tree-trimming, Christmas miracles, blah blah blah.

I believe this episode finished off with a nice set-up for Finn and Rachel to either start to work through their differences or to settle into just being friends.  Rachel's attempts at reconciliation (using Finn's Christmas spirit and his leadership in the glee club to her advantage) in this episode solidified my belief that Rachel and Finn as girlfriend/boyfriend are not all that healthy.  I personally think these two characters had the best chemistry and are better off individually when they were just friends.  Of course, there was always the possibility of romance between the two before so that may have added to it.  But, I think a lot of it was just that they admired each other as people and were able to speak honestly to each other (well, except for that one time).  They'll probably get back together (Highlight the following text for a spoiler for a future episode:  Jesse St. James will be making an appearance, I believe in the next episode so that could throw a small wrench in things), but on the off chance the writers decide not to go that route, I think it would work.

I definitely cannot complain about a Brittany-centered episode.  I've always thought she was cute and funny, but I've always been perplexed by her.  I don't know if it's because I have a hard time reading people or what, but I haven't been able to really figure out whether she's truly a (sorry) bitch or if her occasional hurtful comments are just her saying what she thinks is true.  This episode sort of clarified those things for me.  The Glee fans I've encountered online have all assumed that she was sweet underneath her dumb and slightly bitchy exterior, and this episode pretty much proved that.  She really is just a simple person.  Thus, she still believes in Santa Claus.  Also, she goes along with whatever she thinks will make her popular, but she really does care for the people she cares about (we always knew she cared about Santana).  And, she doesn't really have any deep-seated prejudices.  This is why she can really like Artie because she likes him for who he is and not for the popularity she can gain from him.

Finally, of course Sue is the Grinch.  And, of course she caught the Christmas spirit in the end.  And, of course, she got the glee club together to make sure Will wasn't alone on Christmas.  Very Sue.  Very nice.  I'm only being slightly sarcastic.  See above.  Standard Christmas episode but that's okay.

Oh, and green slushies!

Favorite Lines:
Brittany gets a block today because she's just so cute and funny.  These lines don't really capture the child-like innocence we saw on the screen.

Last year, I left my stocking up over Christmas vacation.  An entire family of mice started living in it.  Their Christmas gift to each other was rabies.

Artie, the roads to the North Pole are getting treacherous.  You need to write your letter to Santa really fast and get it in the mail today.  And, remember, even the smallest envelope is heavy for an elf. 
(Okay, so this is kind of sad, but it's so Brittany.)

Pretty soon, no one will bully us.  Santa Claus can do anything, and this year I asked for the glee club to stop getting picked on.

(to a mall elf) Can I be honest?  I can't really tell the difference between an elf and a slave. (later, to the same elf) Just know you have rights.

Go Mercedes, go Mercedes, go!

(to the black mall Santa) You've gotten really tan.

I'm bringing a gift to put under the tree for the homeless kids.  It's a dollhouse.  At least their dolls won't be homeless.

Get a good night's rest, Ken.  You're gonna need it.  Barbie took the early flight from Tampa.

Santa Bieste:  And later on, that girl was glad that Santy didn't give her what she'd asked him for.  She...she put being husky to good use.
Brittany:  Was her name Ricki Lake?

(about Artie's Re-walk) I didn't buy it.  I didn't know what it was.  I thought it was a Transformer.

Musical Rundown:
I already had the Christmas album downloaded so I can't help but compare the episode versions of these songs to the album versions.  The album is definitely worth downloading.  It's got some additional songs, and Lea Michele's version of "O, Holy Night" is worth the price on its own.

"The Most Wonderful Day of the Year" from Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer--This sounded like they were just listening to it and singing along.  I realize they never actually sing live, but this didn't even have that illusion.  I think that was on purpose.  Some of the voices were dubbed in from the album version as well (Dianna Agron [Quinn] and Chord Overstreet [Sam] weren't part of the original recording.)  [ETA: Actually, they were both in the original but Chris Colfer (Kurt) was not and Dianna Agron wasn't as much.  Oops!  The point is still the same.]  It is a fitting song for the club.  Sue actually used the words "island of misfit toys" in "Showmance" (the second episode of season 1) to refer to the glee club.

"We Need a Little Christmas" from Mame (later sung by Johnny Mathis)--This was really too short to assess.  I liked the album version.  It's just bright and cheery.

"Merry Christmas, Darling" by The Carpenters--I like this song just a touch slower, but Lea Michele (Rachel) does her usual stellar job with it.  The expressiveness in her voice can make the simplest song speak volumes.

"Baby, It's Cold Outside" written by Frank Loesser--Obviously, this was different from almost any other performance of this song because it was sung by two guys.  I really liked this.  Chris Colfer's (Kurt) and Darren Criss's (Blaine) voices blend well together, and the arrangement was good.  Sometimes, the singers sound like they're singing two separate songs, when really they're supposed to be playing off each other.  These two sounded like they were actually having a conversation.

"You're a Mean One, (Sue the) Grinch" written by Theodor "Dr. Seuss" Geisel and Albert Hague--This was, again, background music to what was happening on screen.  The album version (which does not substitute Sue the Grinch for Mr. Grinch) features both Matthew Morrison and k.d. lang.  I'm pretty sure that the episode version was edited to just k.d. lang.  She did a good job with it, express just right the evilness of Sue the Grinch.

"Last Christmas" by Wham!--This was remix of the only Christmas song released by Glee last year.  I liked this remix version.  I don't know if the song really fit Finn and Rachel's situation.  I suppose you could interpret it to mean that despite the hurt, they can't stay away from each other, but it seems like it really just means they love each other but can't stay together because they can't stay faithful to each other.  Lea Michele and Cory Monteith (Finn) do have make a nice combination with their voices.

"Welcome Christmas" written by Theodor "Dr. Seuss" Geisel and Albert Hague--This is not included on the album, and I wish it had been.  It's really nice.  New Directions rarely (if ever) sound like a traditional choir, and so this was a nice change of pace.  I really enjoyed it.

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Re: The Most Wonderful Day of the Year

Thanks for the correction. I did imply Dianna Agron was absent, but I think she was there just not as much as in the episode's mix.

Thanks for the comment. Glad someone read it.

(Deleted comment)
I don't quite understand this, but thanks for the comment.

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