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Major Glee News
Way Future Spoilers Ahead.

According to several news outlets, Ryan Murphy, creator of Glee, has confirmed that after the current glee clubbers graduate from high school, they will be exit the show.  The reports imply that there will be some sort of layering to this, but it seems like it will be relatively quick, with new characters being introduced along the way to replace them.  Adult characters, like Will, Sue, and Emma, are most likely going to stay.

To be honest, I'm glad this is being addressed now.  I love these characters, and I'm quite sure the show won't be the same as they exit, but I would much rather this happen in a realistic time frame than have it drag out unrealistically or in another setting.  I don't think it would work to move these characters to a college glee club, for instance, because it would be highly unlikely for twelve people to go to the same college and have the same impact on that college's glee club.  The plan is to start having current characters exit in early 2012, which if my calculations are correct would be sometime during the fourth season.

I'm not sure I'll continue to watch Glee when all this happens, but I'll be glad in a way that it doesn't drag out unrealistically.  When this happens, whether I keep watching or not, I will be satisfied that Glee had a brilliant 3+ year run with these characters.  They already have made their impact, and the actors that play them will continue to have great careers I'm sure.  This actually will probably be good for their careers because they won't be so tied to the characters.  All in all, I'm not as depressed by this news as I think I should be.

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My friend told me this the other day. I gasped rather dramatically and nearly fell off her bed. I mean, honestly, the show isn't going to be the same once the current cast has left it. It makes me sad, I love their quirky personalities, how are they going to top what they have now?

Also, I'm gonna continue to be a faithful Faberry shipper, even once they're gone. :)

Well, so am I. And, I hope they make guest appearances once in awhile. I would definitely tune in for that even if I've stopped watching after they're gone.

Thanks for the comment.

Yeah, they should do that. Or like do a 'ten years from now' segment, or their kids going to McKinley. I don't know, something to incorporate the original characters back in again. To be frank, I just hope Quinn + Rachel somehow get to come back. Because they're my favourite characters. Oh, and Puck. And Santana... and Brittany... but mainly Quinn + Rachel. XD

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