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Gleeview: The Substitute
Spoiler Alert!

Last night's episode was, I thought, the funniest of the season with the exception of the Britney episode.  I think it was partly because it was relatively drama-free.  What drama there was wasn't really heavy.  It wasn't the first time Terri manipulated Will (can you say fake baby?), and it won't be the last.  Sue was Sue.  And, the biggest dramatic moment, when Karofsky made a pretty serious death threat to Kurt if he told anyone about "the kiss," seemed more like a set up for later drama than anything to worry about in the near future.

Sue was funny, there were a few Brittany jokes, and Gwyneth Paltrow was silly.  "Conjunction Junction" was hilarious!  I thought she did a great job playing a sort of pathetic teacher who tried too hard (even harder than Will) to make the students like her.  I always find Becky's imitation of Sue to be pretty funny.  And, while I always pretty much dislike Terri as a person, she is good for some chuckles because of how horrible she is and how Will still seems to fall for her charms sometimes.  I loved Mercedes' broadly funny impression of Norma Rae holding up a sign that said TOTS instead of UNION.  All the jokes about the Journey songs made me laugh; I love it when Glee makes fun of itself.  And, my favorite scene was Will hallucinating younger versions of the glee kids.  I'm not really sure why he would hallucinate that except maybe because they act like little children sometimes, but it was hilarious.

So, "The Substitute" wasn't earth-shattering, but I don't think that's what Glee is about anyway.  Now, the question for next week, will Principal Figgins be back, or will Principal Sue still be in charge.

Favorite Lines:
The whole scene with with the young(er) gleeks:

Young Santana:  Looking good, Puckerman.  Someone's been eatin' their Wheaties.
Young Puck (holding up his arms):  These guns are fully loaded.
Young Rachel:  Mr. Schu, I for one think we should use our set list for Sectionals to start exploring the oeuvre of one Bernadette Peters.
Young Brittany:  Someday, I'm gonna go to Paris and visit the oeuvre (prounced oovra).
Young Mike:  I just wanna dance.
Young Mercedes:  Mr. Schuester, you look a little green!
Will:  Um, I think I'm gonna go see the nurse.  But first, I feel like I should get you guys a sitter.

Musical Rundown:
"Conjunction Junction"--This wasn't an official number, but I thought it was pretty awesome.  I hope they release it on iTunes eventually.
"Forget You" by Cee-Lo Green--This was fun.  Gwyneth Paltrow can carry a tune pretty well, and it looked like they had fun with it too.
"Make 'Em Laugh" from Singin' in the Rain--This was kinda funny.  Only in Glee will you see a dream sequence song and dance number straight out of Singin' in the Rain.  Matthew Morrison (Will) is in his element here as a former (and probably future) Broadway performer.
"Nowadays"/"Hot Honey Rag" from Chicago--Gwyneth Paltrow held her own in the short bit of singing with Lea Michele (Rachel), but this was mostly dancing.  So, Gwyneth didn't have much of a challenge.  Definitely fun to watch.
"Singin' in the Rain" from Singin' in the Rain (duh)/"Umbrella" by Rihanna--This wasn't my favorite musically, but I thought it was well done.  And, it was a brilliant song combination.  Definitely worthy of Glee.

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i just couldn't stop laughing after
Young Puck said this:
Young Puck (holding up his arms): These guns are fully loaded.

I loved that whole scene, really.

Thanks for the comment!

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