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Writer's Block: Gone with the wind

What three things do you think will become obsolete in the next ten years, and why?

Ok, so I'm trying to blog again, and I must say before I get to this particular subject that this blog will honestly mostly consist of Glee stuff, at least for the next few months while the new episodes are on.  Glee is already quite possibly my favorite show of all time.  I can't remember wanting to watch marathons of a show as much as I do with Glee.  But, I do want to try to write about other things.  So, to get my mind going, I thought I'd take a cue from LiveJournal's Writer's Block feature, in which users submit questions to be answered by others in their blogs.

I actually don't think that many things on my list will be obsolete in ten years, but I think the things on my list are the most likely to become obsolete.  My observation is that things tend to move much slower than they appear on the surface.  For example, as far back as 20 years ago, people thought that paper would be obsolete by now.  If anything, we use more paper now than ever.  Computers were supposed to eliminate paper by storing everything electronically.  But, society still doesn't trust computers not to break down and lose all its stored data so records are printed.  Plus, in a lot of cases, multiple copies of those records are made since people aren't as careful because they're under the illusion that less paper is used.  I don't know the statistics, but I'd be willing to bet paper use at the very least as not gone down significantly.

So, here's the list without much explanation for each.

1.  Land line telephones
2.  DVDs (the older CD technology will survive the decade, I think, for music much like the record player)
3.  Paper checks (cash is another example of something that was supposed to be obsolete years ago but isn't)
4.  Dial-up internet connections (you could argue they're already obsolete, but they're not extinct)
5.  Desktop computers
6.  Film (movie and still photography will all be digital)
7.  Non-hybrid gasoline engine
8.  Ink pens or pencils (we'll still need to write with something)
9. Computer mouse
10. Cell phone buttons

Add your own, or tell me which ones I got wrong.
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