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Gleeview: Rocky Horror Glee Show
Spoiler Alert!

If you think about it, it probably wouldn't surprise anyone that Glee would do a Rocky Horror Picture Show tribute for Halloween.  There really isn't another more widely known musical with Halloween-related themes.  In fact, there are none that I know of, but I am by no means an encyclopedia of musical theater and movies so don't quote me.  But, whether it was a surprise or could be considered creative or not, last nights Rocky Horror Glee Show was executed perfectly in my opinion.

I have to say I really don't like Halloween.  I know, it's almost a crime for an American not to like Halloween, but I don't really.  I also don't like horror movies or to be scared.  It's why I don't like Halloween.  But, Rocky Horror Picture Show is really not about being scared, which is why I can appreciate it.  I've only seen it once, but I liked it.  It's at its heart a parody of all horror, fantasy and sci-fi movies, with a little commentary on sexual repression and being different thrown in.  The last part of that is what makes it fit with Glee, and it definitely was what was played up in the episode.  And, even though they probably didn't have to think to hard to come up with paying tribute to RHPS, I for one am glad I didn't have to watch a traditional Halloween-themed episode with trick or treating and witch and ghost costumes.  I'm glad for a show that regularly goes outside the conventional.  That's what I liked most about last night's episode.  Also, nice touch with Barry Bostwick, the original film's Brad Majors and Meat Loaf, who played Eddie in the movie, as two TV executives who want to boost ratings by having Sue blast the WMHS production of Rocky Horror.

Oh, and we got to see the first "Sue's Corner" since the first 13 episodes last season.  And, Becky Jackson dressing up as Sue Sylvester complete with red track suit was pretty hilarious.  And, in honor of that, my quote rundown will be dedicated to Sue Sylvester.

Favorite Sue Quotes:
You know, Halloween is fast approaching, the day when parents encourage little boys to dress up like little girls and little girls to dress like whores and go door-to-door brow beating hard working Americans into giving them free food.

When I was younger, I took my sister to the show.  The audience was so enraged having a disabled person in their midst, you know what they did?  They threw toast at us.  [It's traditional for audience members to throw toast at a certain point in the movie.)

The arts matter.

It says right here in my contract that I get final script approval.  And, I wouldn't fight it, Will.  I'm a notary public.

You know, when the kids don't have arts, they turn to drugs, and with drugs comes tooth loss.  And, are you ready for a chilling statistic?  Seventy percent of all teeth in this school are wooden.

I publicly voiced my support for that lady who wants to marry her own sores.

[And from mini-Sue, aka Becky Jackson]--Gimme some chocolate, or I...will...cut you.

Musical Rundown:
All from Rocky Horror Picture Show (duh!):

Science Fiction Double Feature--Creepy with with a mouth singing about Fay Wray and King Kong, but really very good.  And, I bet not everyone would have guessed who sang it.  It was none other than Naya Rivera, aka Santana Lopez.

There's a Light (Over at the Frankenstein Place)--This is sort of a duet (Rachel/Finn) with heavy background vocals from the group.  I really liked it.  It's too bad it was cut so short.  Guess I'll have to get it on iTunes.

Damn It, Janet--This was another Cory Monteith (Finn)/Lea Michele (Rachel) duet, and it was okay as they go.  They probably captured the spirit of the original, but my favorite part was Quinn in her cheerio uniform with a big wig and maid's apron.  It was the really strange kind of funny.

Whatever Happened to Saturday Night--John Stamos (Dr. Carl) is singing to his strength here.  He tours with The Beach Boys, and so he's obviously got some musical chops.  They show here.  I liked it.

Sweet Transvestite--Amber Riley (Mercedes) belts it out in her usual powerful way.  I couldn't help thinking, though, this is a woman playing a man dressed as a woman.  I don't if that's what I was supposed to be thinking or not.

Touch a Touch a Touch Me--Matthew Morrison (Will) and Jayma Mays (Emma) can definitely sing, and they have pretty good chemistry especially while their singing together.  Brittany and Santana's part in this was strangely appropriate (in a slightly toned down mirror of the movie version) but kind of funny at the same time.

Time Warp--The signature number from Rocky Horror Picture Show, and the Glee bunch does a good job.  There's a pretty memorable mini solo by Dianna Agron (Quinn), and Artie saying "It's just a jump to the left" struck me as funny ironic twist.