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Gleeview: Audition

Spoiler Alert!

Even though last night's episode of Glee was the season premiere, in many ways it felt like just another solid episode.  It wasn't epic.  There were no huge surprises, like Rachel Berry joining the Cheerios or something, but what we got was introductions of introductions of new characters and explanations for why other characters were no longer around.  The big reveals that happened weren't that surprising.  We all knew there would be new characters, and, even if you didn't find out about it ahead of time through spoilers, I don't think it was a shock that Quinn regained her spot as Head Cheerio.  She needed a place in the school other than Kurt and Mercedes' third wheel, and I like her rivalry with Santana.  I for one will welcome a little bit of her hard edges showing through again--the fight between her and Santana was pretty intense.  I like her softer side, but I think her character is better with both sides of her personality.

The biggest surprise, one that was revealed spoilers however, was that Tina and Artie broke up.  I relate to the Artie character, and I think they have done a good job so far of showing how he feels in this situation.  I'm interested to see how this plays out.  I, personally, hope he "gets the girl" in the end.  This storyline does serve another purpose besides the obvious conflict in that it gives Mike Chang (aka Other Asian) someone to play off of now that Matt Rutherford (Dijon Talton left to "pursue other projects") has transferred to another school.

Rachel went through the most obvious external change (Puck's missing his mohawk, but that happened at the end of last season) over the summer, and her attitude reflected that to a certain extent.  While her actions in the episode were mostly just an extension of her usual self-centered nature, sending the new girl to a crack house was certainly taking that selfishness to a new level.  In the past, she never intentionally sabotaged the glee club, but in this case she had to know that having exchange student Sunshine and her voice would help New Directions get that edge over Vocal Adrenaline.  I like Rachel's new look, and I think so far they've done a good job of keeping her character intact and not fallen into the trap of changing her drastically just because she has a new hairstyle (From what I gathered, Lea Michele wanted a new hairstyle and this one was approved by the producers).

As for the new characters, I'm glad there aren't a whole host of new glee clubbers.  In fact, as of right now, New Directions is short one person for qualifying for competition.  I was afraid that glee club would suddenly be a popular extracurricular activity at WMHS, and I didn't think that would be very realistic.  The two potential new members, the aforementioned Sunshine Corazon (played by singer Charice) and Sam Evans, aren't actually in the club yet, and Sunshine seems to have been snatched up by Vocal Adrenaline.  I hope she stays there and appears intermittently in that role.  I don't think Rachel needs another rival on the inside.  As for Sam, I kind of liked the way his introduction paralleled Finn's from the pilot, with Finn actually discovering him singing in the shower and then losing his spot as quarterback to him.  I think it'll be interesting to see how Finn handles that conflict.  He's at his best when he tries to do the right thing in the face of dilemma. 

The dynamic among Sue, Will, and the new football coach is interesting.  I'm glad Will didn't continue to antagonize her once he realized it was the right thing.  It was in character, of course, and I think it'll work better that way with Sue as the long antagonist.

Well, those are my thoughts on the episode.  Below is a rundown on my favorite lines and on the music.  What did you think?

Favorite lines (Sue's lines will return in later episodes, when we get back into the swing of things):
I hope there will be more conflict between Rachel and Finn.  Personally, I don't think they're the "perfect couple," and I hope there are at least some bumps in the road for them.

Finn:  Rachel's what you would call a controlist.
Rachel:  I'm controlling.  Controlist isn't a word.


Rachel:  Does my need to express those opinions annoy my fellow glee clubbers?
Finn:  Yes.  That was out loud, wasn't it?

I kind of missed the illusion of the instrumental accompaniment for the music (there were a couple).  I know it's all pre-recorded, but still the illusion is there.  Hopefully, it'll return.

Jay-Z's "Empire State of Mind"--I'm not a rap expert, but I thought the rapping in this number was somewhat below par.  Aside from that, it was really very good.  The musical elements made up for the lack of rapping skills.

Lady Gaga's (w/Beyoncé)"Telephone"--If you've read my past recaps, you won't be surprised that I enjoyed this a lot.  Any time Lea Michele (Rachel) sings I'm in a happy place, and she always enhances the quality of any duet she sings.  This is no exception, and Charice is obviously a good singer.  And, Rachel is taller the Sunshine.  That's hilarious if you ask me.

Travie McCoy's "Billionaire"--This is a better rap.  The performances by Kevin McHale (Artie), Chord Overstreet (new guy Sam Evans), Mark Salling (Puck), and Cory Monteith (Finn) were not mind blowing, but they were good.

Beyoncés "Listen" from Dreamgirls--For such a little person, Charice sure does have a big voice.  This was definitely good.  She's a worthy replacement for Jesse as the lead singer Vocal Adrenaline.  Again, I hope she stays there.

"What I Did for Love" from A Chorus Line--Here is Lea Michele in her element.  As far as I'm concerned, she makes every song she sings memorable, but she's effortless with showtunes.  This wasn't showstopping, but it was definitely great.

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I agree pretty much across the board. I'm really excited about the Britney ep! :)

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