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Glee: Theatricality Part 2
Spoiler Alert!

Carmel High Auditorium
Rachel is standing with a shawl covering herself head-to-toe.  Vocal Adrenaline is in their red costumes again rehearsing.  Miss Corcoran tells them it's better and to take a break.  Rachel steps up and addresses Shelby as Mom.  Shelby tells her she's got to stop sneaking in.  Rachel unveils her costume and asks her to help:  "I really need a mom right now.  You think you can help?"

April Rhodes Civic Pavilion
Rachel bounces in wearing this:

Mercedes and the other girls are impressed.  She says, "Thanks!  My mom made it."  Will is happy, if not a little nervous, but he plunges on.  "Without further ado, I'd like to introduce the boys!"  The curtain opens, and the New Directions version of KISS appears on-stage.  They perform "Shout It Out Loud" while the girls scream and cheer as if they were at an actual concert!  Needless to say, they enjoyed it.  Will is equally impressed, but he asks them what the performance means.  They each recite some facts about their individual alter-egos, and Will seems to be satisfied.

WMHS Hallway
Kurt and Tina are walking down the stairs from the auditorium discussing the boys' performance.  They apparently aren't as impressed as they let on in the auditorium.  They're met by Karofsky and Azimio.  They're not happy that they're still in their costumes.  The last thing we see is Tina and Kurt cowering in fear.

Kurt (and Finn's) Room
Finn is trying to remove his KISS makeup, and Kurt is repairing his.  Kurt asks Finn to ask Karofsky and Azimio to try not to damage his costume next time they beat him up.  Finn shoots him down:  "They already think we're boyfriends."  Kurt tells him to let them think what they want:  "In three years, they'll be cleaning my septic tank."  Finn says they don't live in another city "where people eat vegetables that aren't fried" and "why can't you just work harder at blending in?"  Kurt is disappointed in Finn, but he tries to recover.  He gets up to help Finn remove his makeup:  "You're gonna have to use a moist towelette if you wanna get the makeup off."  He tries to help, and Finn angrily bats his arm away.  Kurt says he's just trying to help, and Finn looks sorry but says he's going to finish in the laundry room.  Now Kurt's angry.

Commercial break

Will's Office
Will has called Shelby in to discuss Rachel.  She assures him that she is not trying to sabotage New Directions.  Will says he's more worried about Rachel.  She's special because she got all the best of Shelby.  "She's strong-willed, dramatic, wildly talented." But she's over-emotional.  Basically, he describes Rachel Berry to a T.  He asks Shelby to be honest with Rachel about whether she's ready for a teenage daughter.  Shelby admits she's not and that she'll talk to Rachel.

Hummel/Hudson House
Kurt leads Finn (again with his eyes closed) down to their room.  He unveils a newly decorated bedroom ("a perfect blend of the masculine and the feminine").  Kurt intends it as a peace offering, but Finn is having none of it.  He goes ballistic.  He says he puts on his underwear in the shower before coming back into the bedroom, and he doesn't want to have to worry about that kind of stuff.  When Kurt asks him what kind of stuff he means, Finn accuses him of playing dumb.  He tells him he needs to accept that he's not like Kurt.  When Kurt protest that he has, Finn points out that he flirts with him and that he was excited they were moving in together so they could be close and maybe Finn would start to return Kurt's feelings.  Kurt says it's just a room, and Finn takes his anger to a new level.  He says they need to get rid of the "faggy lamp" and the "faggy couch cover [I think]," but before he finishes Burt enters yelling at him to stop calling his son names.  He throws Finn out, even if it means losing his mom.  At first, Kurt defends Finn because he wasn't technically calling him a fag, but Burt throws him out anyway.  Then, Kurt sees that his father is choosing his son over Finn.

Commercial break

Practice Room
The club is in their costumes still (this was the most expensive Glee episode yet--they paid for Lady Gaga's costume designers to do their costumes).  Finn tries to get Kurt to talk, but Kurt won't.  Puck walks in and interrupts as Will is trying to start the rehearsal.  He wants to say something to Quinn, and he wants the gleeks to hear it.  He says that his father was larger than life and "out there" but that he wishes he had just been there for his son.  Puck enlists the help of the other guys to sing another song by KISS, the more mellow "Beth" because Jackie Daniels is only a good name if it's for a power boat.  While they were singing, I was getting nervous that Quinn would decide to keep the baby and raise it with Puck after all.

Up until a few episodes ago, I was hoping Quinn would keep her baby.  After all, we've invested a lot of caring in her.  They didn't just talk about the pregnancy and how it affected Quinn.  Remember "Drizzle"?  And if we were only supposed to care about Quinn, why did we find out the baby is a girl?  But, now if it means that Quinn and Puck have to be together, I'd rather Quinn give her up for adoption, maybe an open adoption so we get to see a picture or something occasionally.  It's admirable that Puck wants to be a good father, but he doesn't seem to have it in him to be faithful to Quinn--maybe as an adult with someone else, but not now.  Quinn, wearing her pink fake eyelashes, just looks sad (actually, Dianna Agron is really good here, showing something a little more indefinable than sad), and it turns out that Puck is resigned to her giving the baby up but asks that she name her Beth first and let him meet his daughter.  She agrees (Finn has been cooperative through this, but now he looks a little sad for obvious reasons that have nothing to do with Kurt).

Finn's solo in this number almost exactly mirrors the words of Kurt's solo a few episodes ago in which he laid his feelings out for Finn.  Kurt apparently understands and forgives Finn for his outburst.  Finn is probably not prepared to go as far as Kurt is in their relationship.  He's probably to dim to see that he might have given Kurt the wrong idea again, but it's a start.

Commercial break

April Rhodes Civic Pavilion (ARCP)
Rachel is standing by the piano looking through sheet music when Shelby enters.  Shelby asks how her dads came up with the name Rachel, and she responds with something that I somehow suspected along.  "They were big Friends fans."  So, Rachel is named for Rachel Green.  I knew there was a reason I loved Glee.  Well, there are many, but this is another.

Shelby tells Rachel that it's too late for them to have a mother-daughter relationship.  They agree to "be grateful for one another from afar for awhile."  Shelby tells Rachel she's not going to go easy on them at Regionals ("Bring it," Rachel says, thick with emotion).  They hug, and Shelby gives Rachel a fitting present to remember her by.  It's a glass with a gold star (Shelby:  "Gold stars are kinda my thing") on it so she can get herself some water in it when she's thirsty.  Rachel asks if they can sing together, and they do, "Poker Face."  This is a great scene.  Once again, Lea Michele shows her acting skills.  In this episode, and the last, she showed a pretty good range from comedic to dramatic.  And, once again Lea Michele and Idina Menzel deliver a beautiful, if somewhat different, performance.

Practice Room/WMHS Hallway
Will enters to find all the gleeks in their costumes still.  They're wondering what the lesson of the assignment was.  He doesn't really know.  Tina enters and says, "I do."  She's dressed in her regular goth clothes.  She threatened Figgins that she's send her vampire father to suck his blood if he didn't let her wear what she wanted.  After she tells her story, Artie realizes Kurt and Finn aren't there.  The jocks are about to beat Kurt up again when Finn intervenes wearing this:

He apologizes to Kurt and deflects the jocks' attention to him.  The rest of the glee club come up behind, and suddenly the jocks are outnumbered.  They leave promising to return with more of them.  The episode closes with the gleeks happy to be "freaks together."

Since this is two parts, I'll dispense with the music recap.  I'll let you decide how good it was.

Favorite Line
In the ARCP before Rachel and Shelby's Duet
Brad!  He's always just around.

Honorable Mention for Favorite Line (It's crude but funny)
My balls keep falling off.
KurtOh, I've een there.

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