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Mini-Gleeview: Thanksgiving
Spoiler Alert!

Warning: Language

Better late than never (and also not so mini)...

So, Thursday night was all about Quinn Fabray.  In her return, Quinn was beautiful, Dianna Agron acted spectacularly, and her part was substantial.  I did think the story line was a decidedly mixed bag, but I also think that if we see Quinn again this season (see spoiler), this was an acceptable and consistent continuation of Quinn's story.

[Spoiler (click to open)]There are no signs that she has filmed or recorded anything for the episodes that have been filmed up to the first episode in January.

So, let me start with the really good parts.  I loved the Quinn/Kitty interaction.  I thought it was an excellent pairing.  Quinn really was "Cheerios royalty" even if that wasn't, in the end, who she wanted to be.  It's what she was best at, at least physically.  She helped form National championship-winning squads (even if she didn't participate in the actual competitions), and she was Sue Sylvester's prot<span style=" font-size:="font-size:">égé through everything.  So, it's not surprising she would be idolized by succeeding Cheerios.

It was also fitting that she would jump to conclusions about a Puckerman.  I loved that, even though she is clearly fond of Noah Puckerman, that she still thinks he was a mistake for her and thinks he's a man whore.

I loved that she does really keep in touch with Rachel, and i loved the songs.  She sang beautifully, and I liked the Unholy Trinity trio.

Now, as for the most important scene that Quinn appeared in last night...this is the mixed part of the bag.  Many Quinn fans (including me) had hoped for Quinn to be, at the very least, single and a more mature, well-adjusted version of herself.  Well, she wasn't.  She was still the pretending, repressed Quinn we all know, and, deep down, wish we didn't love so much.  Sure, on the surface with the Yale secret society and Jodie Foster's clam bake, and the beautiful clothes, she seemed put together.

But if you get nothing else from this, understand this.  Glee writers habitually put things in characters' mouths that are complete nonsense but are oddly (and hilariously) in character.  For instance, Puck's vasectomy in the season 2 premier was a lie to get Puck back "in the game."  He had lost a lot of his badass reputation because of baby-gate, and he needed something to keep women from fleeing.  Also, half the things that come out of Brittany's mouth (Lord Tubbington, spending a summer in the sewer, building a time machine) are just Brittany being Brittany.  Finally (and this is not an exhaustive list), Rachel's 'I don't want to have sex until I'm 25' thing was never going to happen.  Of course, there was a purpose behind it, but it was mostly to keep Finn at arm's length at least temporarily.

So, the secret society and Jodie Foster's clambake?  What kind of prospective member of a secret society blabs it to a group of people in public, even if they are her friends.  Obviously, we know secret societies exist at Yale, and we even know some of the members, but the information came from unnamed sources.  They didn't just come right out and say it in public.  If Quinn actually were a serious candidate for a secret society, she would have to keep it under wraps.

As for Jodie Foster...well, she is a Yale alumna, and so it's not implausible.  But, I have a hard time believing Quinn was anything but a plus one for her Psychology professor "boyfriend."  Speaking of...

I do believe she's involved with her professor.  But, again, it's probably not exactly as she describes it.  The only thing she mentioned about him that would be remotely attractive to her was that he smoked a pipe, and the implication that he was smart.

But, Santana was absolutely right.  Whether she's "dating" him, like she said, or it's something closer to the "quickies" in his office that Santana accused her of, it's another in a long line of unhealthy relationships for Quinn.  She's clearly not going to marry and have a family with this guy, so she's still using him in her own way for the things he can get her (the feeling of being wanted, grades, and if that kind of relationship actually isn't forbidden, access to school functions, etc.)  And, just to repeat, if she never appears on Glee again, I would be hugely disappointed that this is the end for her character and that she wasn't redeemed in some way.  I am optimistic, though, that the writers will at some point find a way to redeem her character.  I still believe that the events of "Thanksgiving" were consistent with her character and were a result of her background.  But, I'd really love it if she got her act together at some point, and for me the most plausible way that could happen would be for her to admit she's not straight and ideally that she's in love with Rachel and then deal with all that in a healthy way.  There are just too many signs pointing to that conclusion for anything else to be completely plausible.

Favorite Song:
"Come See About Me" by The Supremes--Dianna Agron really did sing well, and I loved the hearkening back to their glee club audition.