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Mini-Gleeview: Dynamic Duets

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This episode focused almost entirely on the new gleeks, and for that reason I was skeptical.  However, I think it went a long way to selling me on them as a group, especially Marley and Kitty.  Instead of highlights, I just have a few words about them.

Clearly, the producers intend for Marley and Kitty to be the new Rachel and Quinn.  Even though there are key differences--most strikingly Kitty is much less repressed than Quinn--but, in the spirit of the comic/sci-fi feel of this episode, I felt almost like I was watching alternate universe Faberry scenes while watching these two interact in this episode.

I also suspect that, even though Kitty seems to have her own motivations behind her helping Marley, the writers have given Marley and Kitty the friendly (at least) relationship many fans had always wanted for Rachel and Quinn (and got toward the end of season 3).  I also didn't miss that Kitty called Marley "sweetie" in an amusing, especially if intentional, parallel to Quinn's mocking of Rachel in season 1.

Also...Kitty suggested that Marley use the elliptical...like Rachel! LOL

Anyway...this is very speculative, but one thing does seem clear.  And, that is, as I mentioned above, that Marley and Kitty are the new Rachel and Quinn.  I'll be watching to see if fans warm to them as much as they did to Faberry, and if the writers and producers respond.  I like them so far myself (though, make no mistake, not as much as Rachel and Quinn).

Now, next week marks the return (at least for one episode) of one Quinn Fabray, so I expect to have a lot to say about that!

Favorite Musical Number
"Some Nights" by fun.--Even though this was a group number, I actually liked the Marley/Kitty duet in this better than the "Holding Out for a Hero" duet.  They sounded really good together.