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Mini-Gleeview: The Break-Up
Spoiler Alert!

There was lots and lots of drama in this episode, but I think that my favorite part was that it focused a lot on original cast members.  It felt a lot like maybe the beginning of phasing them out (especially with the "new recruits" emphasis of the previews for November episodes), but I don't really think that's happening soon.

Highlights in this episode is relative because of all the drama, so I'll just give my thoughts on each couple's drama:

Will/Emma (Wemma):  I've written in past reviews that this is a framework or backbone relationship for Glee.  In other words, it's not the most important or significant relationship, but it's one of the elements (along with Sue and to a lesser extent Bieste and others) that supported the primary characters' lives and relationships.  So, I really don't see it falling apart, but drama is always good TV.

Kurt/Blaine (Klaine):  Many would argue that this relationship rivals the Finn/Rachel relationship as the heart of Glee.  Blaine is not an original character, but he filled a role that was an original concern for Kurt.  When Kurt came out, he almost immediately began to lament that there weren't any potential boyfriends for him, and then Blaine came along.  Now, of course, there's Karofsky and Sebastian, both of whom have played the role of villain but have changed for the better.  I'm guessing Karofsky is the more likely candidate to at least add another person to make this a triangle.  He's already expressed interest in Kurt.  On the other hand, because of the above history, I don't believe this is really over either.

Brittany/Santana (Brittana or Santittany):  So, they didn't officially break up, but I agree with Brittany.  It felt a lot like a break-up, and it also felt a lot like this was the cleanest and most rational of the "break ups."  This is a very popular relationship, but it's always been dramatic.  They've only had maybe half a season of a stable relationship, and that only became possible when Santana finally accepted who she was and stopped hiding.  And, that only happened because Finn forced it.  So, drama is par for the course.  We'll see how it comes out.

Finn/Rachel (Finchel):  At first glance, fans might think there's no way this over permanently, but this may be the most complicated of the four relationships.  I have said and written over and over that Finn and Rachel don't go together like people think they do.  It goes beyond the "opposites attract" principle.  They're on significantly different life paths, and only their most obvious obstacle.  Finn might be going back on a musical track, but I still think he's floundering.  He doesn't know where he's going still.  As for Rachel, she finally has seen the problem here and done something about it.  What will happen next?  They're "done," but I don't think either of them thinks there's no chance for them.  Is Brody or someone else going to get into the mix for Rachel, or is she just going to pursue her career for awhile and wait for Finn to come back a whole and determined person?  It's speculation time.  In the last two episodes, Rachel has talked a lot about her history with "boys" with the love note story and telling Finn he was the first boy who made her feel loved.  Are we being set up for some questioning about whether boys are her future?  There is at least one character we haven't seen yet this season that we will see in at least one episode next month (and that person had a lot to do with helping Finn make Rachel feel special).  I'll leave that there for now and will have more to say once the episodes begin again in November.  I don't want to go out on a limb yet because this could go a lot of different ways, and I guess I'm a coward.

I liked all the musical numbers that featured original cast members and especially Rachel.  This was the best episode for music so far this season.  Maybe they weren't the best songs, but I liked the performances best.