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Gleeview: Props
Spoiler Alert! (Including hints for season 4)

I liked this episode a lot.  A lot of shows have these episodes near the end of the season that set up the resolution of the season's story lines, and this was one of those.  But, it didn't entirely feel like that, and part of the reason for that was the impending graduation of much of the glee club.  It's going to mean a significant change next season, no matter what is in store.  Will all the graduating seniors be back next season?  We know at least some will, and they almost certainly won't be at William McKinley High School and probably won't be in Lima.  So, the episode felt like the beginning of the end for this phase of Glee, and I liked how Glee has handled that so far.

Tina was the central figure of the episode, and that was obviously different.  We know a lot about Tina, but she hasn't actually been a big player.  I'm guessing she will be the star of the glee club next year as Rachel predicted.  Jenna Ushkowitz, who plays Tina, I thought, did a great job with the episode, and so I am interested in seeing her next season.  Tina's still not my favorite character, of course, but Ms. Ushkowitz proved to me at least that she could handle a bigger role.  She's no Rachel Berry, but maybe that's okay.

I loved how Rachel picked herself up and is still trying for NYADA.  I was thinking maybe that someone would see her at Nationals and revive her dream for her, but this is even better.  I still think NYADA and then Broadway are her first priority.  Finn hasn't figured it out yet fully, at least, but I wonder if that will be a source of trouble next season.  We'll see.

I'm combining these even though each of these characters made individual progress.  But, they helped each other.  I was glad the Bieste story line was advanced here because, while I understood that the message sent in the "Choke" episode was not that women should stay in an abusive relationship, some people might have taken it that way.  The irony might have been lost on some people, so I'm glad she unambiguously realized her mistake this episode.

Puck has clearly struggled his whole high school career.  His father has been a lingering but absent figure, and his mom obviously hasn't helped.  But, he has always tried to get past that.  When it mattered the most, he stepped up, most notably with Beth as limited as his opportunity for that was.  Obviously, he makes mistakes, but it seems like that's because doesn't always know what to do.  He's had little guidance, but glee and his pool cleaning business have kept him close enough to the so-called straight and narrow that he is now able to salvage at least a high school education.

Body Switching
This segment wasn't as long as I had expected, and I think that was good.  If it proved anything, it's that these actors are perfectly cast.  It was funny, and it made its point well, but I was glad we got the real characters back.  Lea Michele as Tina, unsurprisingly, did the best job of acting her alter ego, and Dianna Agron as Sugar was hilarious.

But now on to Nationals!

Favorite Line:
Sue:  Isn't she the one who used to stutter?

Musical Rundown:
"I Won't Give Up" by Jason Mraz--This performance hearkened back to Sophomore Rachel Berry who wanted nothing else but to be a star.  It was spine tingling for me.  And, I know that I have said a lot about lyrics, but the fact that Rachel was singing about not giving up on "us," referring to her career and not Finn, is very significant I think.

"Because You Loved Me"--Jenna Ushkowitz can sing.  She has had solos in the past, and I've liked them a lot.  This one was excellent too.

"Always True to You in My Fashion" from Kiss Me, Kate--Clearly the actor who played Carmen Tibideaux's student can sing, but it did lack emotion.  This was for the plot, but that's always a good thing.

"Mean" by Taylor Swift--I liked hearing Mark Salling (Puck) sing a slower, softer song.  He's usually a rock kind of guy, but I like it when he slows down, à la "Need You Now" and "Beth."  Dot-Marie Jones is kind of monotone, but my ears didn't bleed.

"Flashdance...What a Feeling" by Irene Cara--This was really good, obviously.  I wish Rachel and Tina had sung it for the glee club somehow because they did a really great job with it.