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Gleeview: Heart
Spoiler Alert!

I really liked the Valentine's Day episode of Glee that aired last night.  The only real storyline advancement was with Samcedes (Sam and Mercedes) and Finchel (Finn and Rachel), but that's understandable for Valentine's Day.  Brittana (Brittany and Santana, officially Santittany) got their first on-screen kiss, and it was a good one even if it was short.  There was good music (a return to form after last week's so-so effort), and David Karofsky returned to profess his love for Kurt.  This was a surprise, of course, but I think I saw it coming at some point.  I do wonder if he'll be back or if he's just going to move on.  Clearly, he has some issues to work through still.

Sugar Motta was a central character in this episode also, but it was more for comic relief than anything.  And, I liked it.  I knew Rory was probably lying, or at least exaggerating the finality of his return home at the end of the year.  I wonder if the Rory/Sugar/Artie triangle will continue or not.  It should at least be funny if it does.

So, there were a lot of small things that happened, but the big stuff, besides the Brittana kiss, happened with Samcedes and Finchel.  I'll take them in that order.

I really don't think that Sam's going to give up on Mercedes.  Clearly, she favors him over Shane, but she just needs time I think.  So, the bottom line is, even though she turned him down for now, I don't think we've seen the last of this pairing.  The cheating did put them on a shaky footing to start with, but they really started over the summer and ended when Sam moved away, supposedly never to return.  So, I think Mercedes will eventually come around and realize Sam was her first choice.  I'll stay tuned.

Okay, so the wedding is scheduled for May, but will it happen then?  Will it happen sooner?  Will it happen later?  Or, will it be postponed indefinitely at some point this season?  As I wrote last week, everyone they reveal their engagement to has at least some reservation if not outright distaste for the idea (good for Kurt, btw).  Plus, I think they're both realizing that it's not as simple as they once thought to be together, but Rachel is very impulsive, and can be stubborn when she sets her mind to something.  Plus, Finn only has Rachel right now.  He doesn't want to only have Rachel, but he recognizes that at least for now that's all he has.  He's going to try to hold on to her as tight as he can because he wants to keep the one thing he thinks is solid in his future.

I loved the dads, and I spotted their ruse right away because we were supposed to, since we're not headstrong teenagers  I think Jeff Golblum (Hiram Berry) and Brian Stokes Mitchell (Leroy Berry) are perfectly cast.  The only time we had seen the dads at all was in a photo in Rachel's locker in the pilot.  I think casting these two actors preserved the spirit of the original actors in that photo while, almost undeniably, taking a huge step in the acting department.  The dads, as characters, were pretty close to what I would have envisioned of them, given the few clues we've had (cruises, arguments over house painting, unwavering support of their "little Rachelah" etc.).  And, we got to hear them sing with Rachel a little bit.  Lea Michele (Rachel) and Brian Stokes Mitchell have worked together before, even on the Broadway stage, and I'm very much hoping we get to hear them sing more together in the future.

So, Regionals is next week.  I'm guessing there will be some big things happening.  Oh, and Samuel Larsen, co-winner of The Glee Project, finally made his debut as God Squad member, Joe Hart.  That means all three Project prize-winners have appeared.  I'm thinking at least the co-winners will have their parts enlarged next season after many of the original characters graduate, but we'll see more of them at McKinley this season still.

Favorite Lines
Figgins: Believe me, I'd much rather see you and Santana kiss than that so-called Finch-el.

Rachel:  Finn and I are proud to announce that we're finally getting married.
Puck:  Oh, when's the baby's due date?

Hiram: Now, dessert!  Ooh, you know what we've got?  Velvety Vienetta!  And, then we're gonna commence with the teenage lovemaking.  No, just kidding, no we don't have Vienetta.  They discontinued Vienetta years ago.  We're gonna go straight to the teenage lovemaking!

Hiram:  Honesty, respect, dance!  Those are the foundations of the Berry family.

Musical Rundown:
"Chapel of Love" by The Dixie Cups--This was a perfect way to introduce the Berry dads.  It was definitely a grand entrance.

"L-O-V-E" by Nat King Cole--Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina) has her weaknesses as an actress, especially in the comedy department, but when she plays it straight like here she can do it.  Plus, she's a very good singer.  Harry Shum, Jr. (Mike) came along for the dancing, as usual, but didn't ruin the song.

"Let Me Love You" by Mario--Kevin McHale seems to me to work hard at what he does.  He's an excellent singer, at least in his boy band-style wheelhouse, and it's harder for an able-bodied actor to dance in a wheelchair than you might think.  I always appreciate the effort, and it's always fun.

"Stereo Hearts" by Gym Class Heroes (feat. Adam Levine)--I enjoyed this.  To be honest, I think that musically, at least, The Glee Project runner-up Lindsay Pearce is better than the winners, the aforementioned Larsen and Damian McGinty who plays Rory, but the little I've heard from Larsen (I did not watch The Glee Project) so far has been good.

"Home" by Michael Bublé--I love this song, and Damian McGinty did a good job with it.  The very small hint, at this point, that he might have been less than truthful about his Visa renewal made it better.  If it weren't so out of nowhere or the small glint in his eye when he realized he was getting to Sugar, I would have believed it.

"I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston--This obviously took on some added poignancy because of Ms. Houston's death days before this episode aired, but it worked as a beautiful tribute.  The context was sad anyway, but I wasn't really thinking about Sam's feelings while watching.  Amber Riley (Mercedes) knocked it out the park, and it was just hard to watch and listen and remember that I was watching Glee for those few minutes.

"You're the Top" from Anything Goes--This was literally frivolous parlor entertainment, but the talent was obvious.  Again, I'm very much hoping there's more from these three, especially Lea Michele and Brian Stokes Mitchell.

"Cherish"/"Cherish" by The Association/Madonna--I didn't think we'd get to hear Dianna Agron (Quinn) sing so prominently again, to be honest, and I was thrilled.  The solo wasn't long, but I'll go for the horrible pun and say I'll cherish it.  No, it wasn't that memorable, but she's always nice to listen to, to say the least.  Yeah, the others did okay too.,

"Love Shack" by The B-52s--Yeah, they had to do it.  And, I loved it.  Fun!  Fun!  Fun!